Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi-Fi 4 Sale: Disappearance of the Original Hi-Fi 4 Sale

Some of you have noticed this morning that has 'disappeared'.

Well, firstly, it comes as a major surprise to us. We did not voluntarily delete this blog and have no intention of doing so. Nevertheless, time is short and we just want to get things up and running. Seeing that it will take some time for us to get a response from Blogger, it would be better to start another back-up site. So, here we are at Hi-Fi 4 Sale II.

All existing members will be invited and then some. Since this is a major change, we will also take some time to review some policies to make it more flexible. Comments appreciated.

In the meantime, happy posting.

Please spread the word. It's now!


  1. Good to see up & running !! But where's the old database of all the items ??

  2. Many thanks for bringing it back. Appreciate if you could revive the labels too.

  3. Great to be back again.
    Pls not allowed to repost again(bump up thread) for at least 2 months or 3 months or so. Give other a fair chance...Fed up when seeing same item again and again whenever check up for new offerings/goodies..

  4. Good to have this site, for people like me
    have limited budget, this website is a heaven